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Tatuaggio Full Body


The use of tattoos is increasingly popular, both among teenagers and young people. The explosion of this phenomenon, however, goes hand in hand with the request for removal, which has become a major medical problem.


There are different types of tattoos and pigmented lesions depending on the color, depth and location. The effectiveness of tattoo removal depends above all on the wavelengths used. Synchro QS 4 offers 4 different wavelengths. The most effective wavelength is determined by the pigment / color of the tattoo:

1064 nm Nd: YAG: black and dark colors (gray, green and dark blue)
532 nm Nd: YAG: red and similar colors (purple, orange, light brown)
650 nm Nd: YAG: green
585 nm Nd: YAG: light blue

Effectiveness and total safety

With Synchro QS4 it is possible to treat effectively and in total safety all types of tattoos, of any color and depth, ensuring a minimum risk of scarring or depigmentation and the controlled and uniform use of the most appropriate energy.

Maximum homogeneity of fluence:
Same amount of energy density on the entire laser spot thanks to the TOP-Hat technology that guarantees maximum energy control.

No overlap or untreated area:
The unique square shape of the spot allows a perfectly homogeneous coverage of the treated area, ensuring uniform removal of the tattoo or pigmented lesion.




















Q-switched lasers have made tattoo removal a more effective procedure, and are currently the best solution for treating all types of tattoos (professional, amateur, cosmetic or traumatic). The Q-switched laser is also applied with excellent results in the treatment of benign pigmented lesions (aging spots, freckles, nevus of Ota, nevus of Ito or of Hori).


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