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Allergological dermatology

The Allergy and Professional Dermatology Service responds to the needs of an increasingly large number of users affected by both environmental and professional allergic pathologies. 
The outpatient activity of the service is aimed at the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of skin diseases of environmental (dermatitis, eczema, etc.) and professional origin, of pathologies induced or mediated by ultraviolet rays, of respiratory allergic diseases (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma ) and allergic diseases caused by ingestion of food (urticaria, anaphylactoid reactions).

The allergy service is a point of reference for patients suffering from contact dermatitis, and for all operators interested in occupational pathology (INAIL, ISPESL, Occupational Medicine Services).

The clinic, for more complex cases, is supported by consultants specialists in Allergology  (Prick Test, Patch test etc.)  who will perform in-depth diagnostic tests to define the allergen or allergens to which the patient demonstrates his reactivity.


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