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Over the years, the skin loses its natural firmness. This happens due to several mechanisms, including the loss of constituents of the extracellular matrix such as hyaluronic acid.


Unlike botox, whose purpose is to determine a natural relaxation of the treated muscles, the filler has an exclusively "filler" purpose.

The areas that can be treated are numerous and are:

- NASOGENIC FOLDS: the nasogenic furrows are the first areas that usually undergo a depression;

- LIPS: thanks to the use of a wide range of fillers we now have the possibility to shape the lips, enhancing their shape and volume  and correcting defects. The filler of this district can be used both to volumize the area and to correct perioral wrinkles, very common wrinkles with age, especially in smokers.

- BACK OF NOSE (RINO-FILLER): il   rhinofiller is one of the most modern techniques of aesthetic medicine. The procedure involves injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the nose, allowing for non-surgical remodeling.

The technique allows you to quickly and effectively improve the profile of the nose, correcting and eliminating some defects such as humps  

or detours.  


- EYELET BAGS:  is an aesthetic medicine treatment for the rejuvenation of the periocular area. It is a specific filler for the eye contour that reduces the tear groove, dark circles and reduces bags, suitable for both women and men. It is not indicated for large eyelid bags and exclusively pigmented dark circles, i.e. dark circles that do not have an obvious tear groove.

Over time the skin around the eyes, already thin and low in fat, weakens more and more: it loses volume, the first wrinkles appear, dark circles and bags become accentuated, the eyelids relax.

  The filler, based on hyaluronic acid, amino acids and antioxidants (zinc, copper, vitamin B6) restores the lost volumes, rehydrates, tones the skin and corrects the small wrinkles that form around the eyes. The effect is natural and long lasting.

IS THE TREATMENT PAINFUL? In relation to the treated area, the procedure can be more or less painful. For this reason we always use modest amounts of local anesthetic to make the procedure completely painless.

WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER THE TREATMENT? In the hours immediately following the procedure, it is good practice not to exert excessive effort, do not expose yourself to the sun, do not cleanse the treated area with excessively hot water.


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