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Venereological outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)  is aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of modern sexually transmitted infections. Over the past twenty years, these infections have come to the attention of public health authorities in the Western world due to their close links to HIV-1 infection and their substantial re-emergence.

STDs are currently among the 10 public health priorities of the European Community and include over 30 types of infections caused by numerous bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites. The activity of the clinic  is especially aimed at patients with new generation STDs, such as HPV infection,

C. trachomatis, genital herpes and screening of individuals at risk of HIV-1 infection. 

For our patients,   Derma Clinic offers an outpatient service dedicated to HPV. In the context of the outpatient clinic, our gynecologist consultant performs PAP-TEST, HPV GENOTYPING and CERVICO-VAGINAL INFECTIOUS SWABS;


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