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Pediatric dermatology

 There  pediatric dermatology  is a specialist sector of dermatology aimed at recognizing the peculiar diversity of skin manifestations and pathologies in children. In fact, in the pediatric age and up to adolescence, skin pathologies may occur which in the adult present a different manifestation and / or evolution. Also there  adolescent dermatology, more commonly represented by the difficult treatment of acne, deserves a targeted and specialized approach aimed at ensuring the correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient.


Specific expertise and professionalism in the dermatological field are necessary in order to allow timely diagnosis and a more correct and complete management of skin diseases in a particular and delicate age such as, in fact, developmental age, period  in which dermatological pathologies, even of slight or modest entity, can weigh heavily on the psychology of the affected patient.

The Derma Clinic pediatric dermatology clinic boasts professional collaboration with hyper-specialized pediatricians in pediatric dermatology.

A multi-disciplinary team is also available in the clinic for more complex cases.


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