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What is Botox?

Botox is a substance of natural origin widely known in the medical field and even more so in the aesthetic field.

Sectors that can  to be treated are:


- vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows;

- fan wrinkles at the corner of the eyes;

- forehead wrinkles observed at the maximum elevation of the eyebrows,


How does botox work?  

  Botox works by preventing muscle contraction, resulting in a natural and reversible relaxation of the treated muscle.

The direct action of Botox is not to correct the volume of the wrinkle with a filling (instead an action typical of fillers), but to cause a block of muscle contraction.

Is the treatment painful? Do you need anesthesia?

Using thin needles (30-32G) the treatment is  absolutely painless. Local anesthesia is not necessary.

How is the procedure carried out? How long does it last?

After a thorough evaluation e  disinfection of the area the doctor will proceed to design the points to be treated  with a dermographic pen. The whole process takes no more than 30 minutes.

What will I need to do after the procedure? How long does the desired effect last? How long does it take to see results?

Immediately after the procedure, in order to avoid even the smallest bruising, it is a good idea to keep the instant ice supplied by us for about 60 minutes on the treated areas.


It is also important to follow these simple rules:

- avoid going to bed before 3h from the treatment;

- avoid using boiling water to wash the area in the 48 hours following the procedure;

- avoid making excessive physical efforts in the 48 hours following the procedure;

The desired effect lasts 5-6 months in relation to numerous factors. Often with the progress of the treatments there is an increase in the duration of the efficacy time.

The effect begins to be visible after about a week to get the maximum effect after about 3 weeks from the session.

The doctors of the practice, who perform aesthetic medicine services, are exclusively specialists and plastic surgeons who are members of the "Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine-SIME"

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